Puppies are just as playful and curious as children, and they often develop lifelong bonds. But your puppy’s first trip to his new home can be a little frightening for him, so it’s important to give him time to adjust to his new environment without feeling overwhelmed by loud, excitable children. These tips will help you on introducing your new puppy to your human babies.

Start by Teaching

Your child must learn how to interact with the new puppy without making him feel threatened. First, practice appropriately petting a dog by using a stuffed animal. Emphasize which behaviors are unacceptable, such as pulling his ears or tail. Show them the appropriate petting zones, which are usually the shoulders, chest, and back; they should also know which areas to avoid, including intimate areas, the head, and the muzzle. Loud noises frighten puppies, so teach your child to use her inside voice. Model the behavior you’d like her to display by staying calm and quiet.

Know the Right Approach

You’ll need to teach your kids how to approach the dog when you introduce them. Dogs and puppies see direct eye contact as a threat, especially from kids standing near their faces at eye-level. Challenge kids to a game of “ignore the puppy.” He will probably follow his curiosity to introduce himself as he feels comfortable.

Children need to maintain their good behavior even after they’ve made friends. Young kids should always sit before playing with the dog. This allows the dog to approach as he feels comfortable, and it gives him the freedom to move away when he needs space. This approach teaches the child and the dog mutual respect and lays the foundation for a positive, loving relationship.

Offer a Safe Spot

Children are exhausting, plain and simple. When introducing your new puppy, he will sometimes need a break from the noise and excitement, so make sure he has a safe place he can escape to when he feels tired or overwhelmed. This should be a crate or a cozy bed in a separate room that’s off-limits to kids. Your dog appreciates having his own safe, comfortable space as much as you do!

Ready to Pick Out Your Dog?

Teaching kids puppy-appropriate behavior is challenging, and it’s something you’ll need to practice often before putting the plan into action. Once you feel confident your kids are ready for a new family member, turn to Lindor French Bulldogs for an intelligent, family-friendly dog. We also have adult males and adult females for families not ready for puppies. Learn why French bulldogs make great companions, then call us at 904.574.7644 to find out about our available Frenchies!