French bulldogs are among the most playful and well-behaved puppies, and these qualities make them very popular pets. Indeed, there are various color combinations of French bulldogs based on the color DNA combination, which can range from brindle, fawn, crème, chocolate, in addition to the rare lilac and blue pups. For those in the market for Frenchies, rare coat colors may be a mystery. Learn what makes this breed so unique.

Genetic Composition of Lilac and Blue Frenchies

a french bulldog puppy bread by Lindor French Bulldogs

Just like many other breeds, rare-colored French bulldogs require a specific genetic composition to achieve their light fur coating with contrasting eyes. High-quality French bulldogs are famous for their scrunched snouts and bat ears, which many people find endearing, but their light-colored eyes are what make them so distinctive. Lilac French bulldogs must be born to parents that possess both the chocolate and blue gene to have this coveted coloring, which is why breeding them can be difficult and finding available puppies is even more challenging. Just as important as the color of lilac, the quality is also very important to us.

Features of Lilac Color Frenchies

The vibrant and distinct eye coloring lilac French bulldogs possess aren’t common to other breeds, and their coats can range from sleek silver to blue hues, and in some cases, they may have white markings on their face and chest. Their noses are usually a purplish or gray color, which creates a unique appearance that breeders and bulldog enthusiasts adore.

Features of Blue Color Frenchies

This elegant breed showcases a wide range of coat colors varying from light gray to black. Notably, it takes a unique combination of genes to come up with a pure blue breed in French bulldogs. These exotic pups have two copies of the recessive “d” allele and are the result of a dilution gene that affects eumelanin, a black or brown pigment.

Exotic French bulldogs are adorable friends and companions and will make an excellent addition to your family. At Lindor French Bulldogs, we carefully match parents according to their structure and build to develop the desired French bulldog pups we love and adore. We vigorously maintain our indoor facilities to provide our dogs with ultimate comfort, and we offer financing services to interested puppy parents. Reach out to us to learn about our available Frenchies.