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Solid Colors: French Bulldogs

True SOLID French Bulldogs are created by a combination of DNA to ensure no striping (brindle) will ever be visible on the body of the dog. This special DNA is double copies of the “a” Agouti. The “a” gene is also versatile to create tan points for offspring. That combination would need to be lined up as “at a” in the Agouti results. Do note: an “aa” dog can carry a copy of brindle in their profile. However, the double “a” covers any existing factors. So, in other words, an “aa” dog that carries brindle will still present a solid appearance over body.

The picture to the left is our gorgeous, high-quality stud, Jack. He is a perfect example of a true solid black french bulldog. Jack is the main guy for our solid program. He can produce solid blacks as well as blues, chocolates, and lilacs.

The picture to the left is an example of a Solid blue french bulldog. Extremely popular color. Do note, blue dogs do NOT keep blue eyes, only lilacs keep light eyes due to the fact they are also a chocolate. Blue dogs will develop an amber/brown shade eye as they mature. Baby dog’s eyes change just like baby humans do.

The picture to the left is an example of a solid lilac french bulldog. The lilac is both a combination of a blue and a chocolate by DNA. It has to be both. The appearance is a blue to silver coat, with the light eyes of the chocolate dog.

The picture to the left is an example of a solid chocolate french bulldog. We do not produce these often, because we strive for blues and lilacs. But they are amazing nonetheless.

More About Our Adult Bulldogs

As a reputable breeder of French Bulldogs, we offer every pup in our program comfortable living conditions and thoroughly check them for genetic defects. Our well-maintained indoor facility meets the standards of the AKC and Georgia and is climate-controlled for the comfort of our Frenchies. Once the adults have completed our breeding program, we ensure that they find loving owners to enjoy the next stage of their lives.

To learn more about our available Mini Frenchie puppies for sale or obtaining an adult breeding female that’s completed our program, contact Lindor French Bulldogs by calling us or filling out our online form.

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