Colored Fawn Varieties

Learn More About the Fawn Colored Varieties of French Bulldogs

Colored Fawn French Bulldog – Blue Fawn French Bulldogs, Lilac Fawn French Bulldogs, Chocolate Fawn French Bulldogs

The fawn colored French Bulldog can exhibit a diverse range of appearances. Blue fawn frenchies, Chocolate fawn frenchies, and Lilac fawn frenchies can come in several shades or “looks,” according to their DNA arrangement. Any of our litters can have the different varieties, which makes it an amazing experience to watch them develop to see what they will become! When colored frenchies are born, you can not always tell the exact shade they will be. Their color becomes more distinct over the first 4 weeks. Note: Blue fawns eyes will turn amber/brown, lilacs and chocolates keep the lighter shade eyes.

blue fawn french bulldog puppy

The picture above is a blue fawn french bulldog puppy with a full mask. The description would be a tan shade for body, with a blue hue or tint, then a blue mask that can be just on muzzle of blend up into the eye area. Most all times the nose will have a blue shade as well.

blue sable french bulldog

The picture above is an example of a blue sable french bulldog. The coat can have a light to dark appearance, and is always a deeper, richer shade than the fawns. The shade can appear with a mask or without, according to DNA makeup of dog.

maskless blue fawn french bulldog

The picture above is considered a maskless blue fawn french bulldog. The nose is blue, and the body can have a blue tint overlaying the fawn color. There is an absence of mask on face, but nose will remain a shade of blue.

maskless lilac fawn french bulldog

Above is a maskless lilac fawn french bulldog. You will note to the left is a maskless blue fawn, see the difference in shading, along with nose and eye differences.

lilac fawn with mask

Above is an example of a lilac fawn with a mask. Fawns can be lighter or darker in shade.

blue fawn pied french bulldog

Above is a picture of our mini girl Marilyn. She is an example of a blue fawn pied french bulldog. Pied, meaning spotted. Pied french bulldogs can be of any color spot. projected onto a bright white coat. Eye color is always determined by the color/DNA makeup of the dog.

chocolate fawn

Above is a picture of a chocolate fawn. Masks can be lighter if only 1 copy of mask is present on DNA results, or heavy if 2 copies present.

standard fawn with black mask

Pictured above is a standard fawn with black mask. We occasionally have these from our show line girls, but not often, we strive to breed for color.

More About Our Adult Bulldogs

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