french bulldogThough it may not seem like French bulldogs need a whole lot of grooming due to their short coats, they do require maintenance. Below are some grooming tips for your French bulldog.

Maintaining Their Coat

Every French bulldog owner wants his or her pet’s coat to be sleek and glossy. Ideally, Frenchies should be bathed every few weeks along with weekly brushing. Though their fur is very short, brushing will help remove shedding and encourage new hair growth. Your pet’s diet is also critical to maintaining their coat and should be packed with essential vitamins, nutrients, and oils.

Trimming Their Nails

French bulldogs do not need quite as much exercise as some other breeds, which mean their nails do not naturally file down as much. Frenchie owners should be committed to trimming their pup’s nails monthly to ensure they do not become too long or cause discomfort.

Cleaning Their Teeth

It is essential to keep your pet’s teeth in top condition to limit dental issues. Owners should brush their pet’s teeth every day to help stay on top of plaque buildup and bad breath.

Skin Fold Care

Your Frenchie’s skin folds are incredibly cute. However, they need to be maintained daily to prevent irritation, infection, and dermatitis. Be sure to clean around the folds every day with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly with a clean towel. You can easily incorporate it into their routine by making it a post-walk ritual or as part of your nightly routine.

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