White Frenchie puppy on wicker chair

Why You Should Consider a French Bulldog Puppy

Are you in the market for a furry companion? You may want to consider a French bulldog puppy. You will find French bulldog puppies available for sale or adoption in many cities. Frenchies, as they are affectionately nicknamed, are playful dogs.

They are typically laid back and friendly. At the same time, they have a reputation for being territorial if they believe their owners are in danger. French bulldogs are a great choice for dog lovers who are looking for a mid-sized pet that is energetic without being too aggressive.

In the US, French bulldog puppies are one of the most popular dog breeds. Frenchies have a soft, wavy coat and a sweet disposition. French bulldogs make great family pets. In particular, they make a good choice for families with children. The French bulldogs is also a popular breed of  service dog because they have a keen sensitivity to human and other pets.

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world. They make great pets for people of all ages, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. If you’re looking for dog who is also a loyal companion, a French Bulldog may be an excellent choice for you.

French Bulldogs are Popular Pets

French Bulldogs are popular pets because they aren’t too big and they have an unusual appearance. Additionally, they are extremely friendly and easy to look after. French Bulldogs don’t need a great deal of exercise, so they are a great option for apartment dwellers.

Reasons for French Bulldog Popularity

There are many reasons why French Bulldogs have become a popular choice for dog lovers. They are small and hefty, which makes them great dogs in urban environments. They have a fun-loving personality that endears them to so many people. Because of their size, Frenchies don’t need much exercise, so they are an ideal choice for owners with busy schedules. French Bulldogs can be found in an array of colors and markings which gives them broad appeal.


While French Bulldogs can be found in a broad assortment of colors, they are most usually found in white, tawny, and beige. Frenchies are recognizable by their “smushed” face including broad, small muzzle. French Bulldogs usually weigh around 18 and 28 pounds and at the should, they measure 11-13 inches in height. They are sturdy dogs with a low-set tail and a distinctive “sausage-shaped” body.


Grey Frenchie on faux fur blanket


French bulldogs are basically a healthy breed of dogs. Like any breed, they suffer from health problems. It’s good for owners to be aware of the more common types of ailments. These include overheating, respiratory issues, and joint problems. French bulldogs can also be vulnerable to skin ailments and infections in the eye. It’s recommended that Frenchie owners take steps to keep their animal healthy through regular trips to the veterinarian, maintaining a quality diet, and getting them regular exercise.

Costs of French Bulldog Ownership

On average a French bulldog runs around $1,500, with their price ranging from $900 to $2,000. They are considered a “designer breed” and their price reflects that. French Bulldogs are bred for companionship unlike the working breeds which do not cost as much like Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers.

As with most dog breeds, the expense of owning a French bulldog entails consistent vet exams, a regular schedule of vaccinations plus flea/tick/heartworm prevention, dental care and deworming. Frenchie owners will sometimes choose to have their Frenchie’s ears cropped. This procedure, which is purely cosmetic and involves decreasing the size of the ear, can cost a Frenchie owner an extra $400-600.


The French bulldog is a smaller, muscular dog that has a reputation for being playful and lovable. They make wonderful pets for the whole family because they mix well with other pets as well as children. French bulldogs can be easily trained because they are so smart. They make good  indoor dogs, and don’t need as much physical activity as larger breeds. Because of their short hair, Frenchies don’t do well in cold temperatures.


French bulldog puppies are highly recommended for dog lovers who are searching for a pet that is small and easy to care for. Intelligent dogs, Frenchies are easy to train and make great companions for the whole family. After you’ve done your research, you can find French bulldogs online or through breeders. Be sure to find a breeder that is reputable.