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We have several FAQ resources to help you learn more about our beautiful French Bulldogs. Contact us for more information.

*Our puppies are hand delivered. Never shipped in cargo!*

The French Bulldog is known to be an intelligent, muscular, and active breed of dog. They have a smooth coat and a medium to small body structure. French Bulldogs can be curious and alert animals, making them the perfect watchdog. They also get along well with animals, as well as people. French Bulldogs have large “bat ears” that stand up straight on their head, giving them their signature characteristics. Their faces are lined with heavy wrinkles and accented by an extremely short nose. The French Bulldog is the perfect companion! In regards to drooling, French Bulldogs are not considered to be horrible. Due to the size and shape of their noses, however, snoring and other breathing noises are quite common. This is one of the more endearing features of a French Bulldog. Being cute, funny, and loving are all features that have made the French Bulldog one of our favorite pets!

Our Frenchies are checked by our general veterinarian at least 6 weeks after birth. If a puppy is to have health problems, we are almost certain to know at this stage in life. At this time, the puppy is also vaccinated and immunized against all the necessary threats. Your new Frenchie will come with a full health check and a completed list of shots and other health necessities.

Due to the shape and size of a French Bulldog’s nose, one must be careful of their Frenchie’s breathing. Overexertion, heavy breathing, and other repertory problems may be more prominent. As well, Frenchies are not the best swimmers. Because of this, you should not leave your puppy unsupervised around bodies of water. It would be a good idea to also keep any pools in your backyard enclosed.

Both male and female French Bulldogs are very comparable when choosing a pet. As long as your pet is spade or neutered, having a male or a female in your home makes little difference. Frenchies love people and show their extreme affection quite frequently, making them the perfect pet!