You’ve thought about it for some time, and you’re finally ready to welcome a new puppy into your home. You’ll have so much fun watching him learn and grow, but it’s important to be prepared. Here are a few things to do to prepare yourself if you’re a first-time dog owner

Puppy-proof Your Home

A dark brown french bulldog puppy sitting in a chair

Your house must be safe for your new puppy. Anything hazardous or breakable, including valuables, electrical cords, and cleaning products, should be placed out of the pup’s reach. Baby gates can be used to keep dogs out of certain rooms and away from the stairs. Child-proof latches may be helpful, but be careful—many dogs can beat them!

Choose a Diet

Your pup’s dietary needs will vary based on its age, size, and breed. French bulldogs, for example, will have different dietary needs than Saint Bernards. Food should be made from high-quality ingredients (not by-products) formulated specifically for puppies. If you aren’t sure where to start, consult a veterinarian.

Add Some Treats

Treats aren’t just for spoiling dogs! They’re helpful training tools, too. Treats can be given as rewards to aid in potty training, leash training, and teaching tricks. Carry around a designated treat bag for on-the-go training on walks and at the dog park.

Don’t Forget the Toys

Toys keep dogs physically and mentally engaged, and they can be a lifesaver during the teething stage. You’ll find tons of different varieties, including squeaky toys, plush toys, toys that make crinkling noises, puzzle toys, and more. Your puppy will feel right at home when he sees all the toys waiting for him!

Provide a Cozy Retreat

Your puppy needs a cozy place to sleep when he wears himself out from playing. Consider a flat bed or a crate lined with a blanket if your pup will sleep in his crate; otherwise, he’ll appreciate a few comfortable beds spread about the house. When he’s tired or needs space, he’ll seek out his crate or bed for some quality alone time.

Finding Your Puppy

If you haven’t already picked out your puppy, you’ll need to research breeds to decide which is best for you. French bulldog puppies are sweet and silly, and adult male and female Frenchies make wonderful companions for a first-time dog owner. Lindor French Bulldogs is registered with the American Kennel Club as a breeder of purebred French Bulldogs, and we are happy to discuss what you’re looking for in a puppy. Call Lindor French Bulldogs today at 904.574.7644 to learn about our available Frenchies!