Adopting a puppy into the family adds an entirely new dimension to your child’s life, but teaching your children to interact with a new puppy is also very important. French bulldogs are known to be incredible with children, and before long, yours will start to develop lasting memories with their new pet.Teaching Your Children to Interact with a New Puppy

However, you want to ensure that your child understands how to interact with a new puppy appropriately. They will undoubtedly be excited about the new addition, but your puppy will need time to adjust to their new surroundings and life. It is vital that you show your child how to allow their new friend time to ease into the new home. They will already be a little nervous, and being constantly surrounded will not help them adjust any quicker.


Below are a few tips on teaching your children to interact with a new puppy without overwhelming it:

  • Tell them not to frighten or hurt the puppy, as he or she will be scared and stressed upon arrival.
  • Please speak to the puppy in soft, friendly tones, as screaming, shouting, and raised voices will only further scare him or her.
  • Puppies are similar to newborn babies and should not be played with roughly or aggressively.

By helping your child commit to these new puppy rules, you can ensure a happy household as your new pet becomes more accustomed to their environment and their forever family. If you are searching for French bulldog breeder, Lindor French Bulldogs has a variety of puppies available for adoption.