Two french bulldogs from Lindor French Bulldogs playing on their leashesRecognizing Color Combos in French Bulldogs

One of the greatest things about French Bulldogs is the variety of color combinations these dogs display. From lilac to black and tan, these pups are revered for their unique markings and exotic colors. Here’s what to expect with each color. Here’s a quick guide on recognizing color combos in Frenchies.

Blue Brindle

When both mother and father pass along the dominant brindle gene, and their color is blue, the result is a gorgeous blue brindle. This gene causes the pup’s black hair to appear bluish-gray, with pigments of blue on the nose and pads. Young blue brindles have blue eyes, which usually change to light brown or amber color after a few months.

Solid Blue

The highly sought-after solid blue Frenchies feature a steel gray coat. To achieve the exotic color, mother and father both have to share a common DNA feature so that the pup will not develop brindle stripes.  NOTE: All blue brindles appear solid as newborns, it’s not until a couple of weeks old that the striping begins to form. Our SOLID blue dogs will not develop stripes.


A lilac is both a chocolate as well as a blue french bulldog, the combination of the two produces the lilac coat. However, the coat may appear anywhere from cool blue to varying shades of lilac to silver. They sometimes have white marks on their chests and faces. These dogs show a lavender or purple nose and light yet vibrant eyes.


The merle coloring is extremely rare, making these pups incredibly unique. From blue and lilac to chocolate, black, and tan, these pups have some of the most distinct chest, face, and paw markings of any Frenchie.

Lilac and Tan

The lilac and tan combination is another highly desired Frenchie. A sleek silver coat features tan markings on the chest, face, and legs. Its stunning eyes will remain the same light color through adulthood.


Purebred chocolate Frenchies have some of the rarest colorings, thanks to a recessive gene carried by both mother and father. In addition to their uncommon coat color, these pups feature gorgeous green and gold eyes.

Black and Tan

A black and tan coat combination is combined genes in French Bulldogs. These extremely rare dogs have sleek black coats perfectly complemented by gorgeous tan and white accents on the chest, legs, and face. The black and tan french bulldog will have markings like a Doberman.

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