two French bulldogs running in a fieldFrench bulldogs are adorable, playful companions. These quirky bat-eared pups seem to have a language all their own. Here is a guide to the unusual sounds your French bulldog makes and what they mean.

Reverse Sneezing

Reverse sneezing can be an alarming sound when you first hear it. You will hear quick inhalations through the nose, gagging, and snorting. While it sounds scary, reverse sneezing is nothing to worry about. Environmental allergens, overexcitement, and irritation of the nose can all cause this unusual noise.


Yes, your Frenchie can pass audible gas – and it’s totally normal. Because of their short muzzles, they can swallow air when eating and drinking, causing them to fart when the air makes its way back out. If the gas is accompanied by tummy upset, diarrhea, or vomiting, you should see a vet immediately.


Slurping noises are pretty common in many dog breeds, but Frenchies are unique in that they will often slurp when they are not eating or drinking. If they have heavy or loose lips, they might slurp even more. This sound is not a cause for concern.


Due to their face shape, French bulldogs snore a lot. Snoring is normal unless the frequency of the snoring increases. If you notice that your dog is snoring more often, it could be a sign of a health problem.


Panting is a normal sound that all dogs make to cool themselves down. Unfortunately, French bulldogs are not great at regulating their body temperature in the heat, so listen carefully to the panting. If they are panting hard, you should try to cool them down before they get overheated.


Frenchies make snorting sounds a lot during playtime. They also snort to clear irritants from their nasal passages. Excessive snorting can be a sign of weak nostril flaps or nostrils that are too narrow, but some snorting is normal.


Frenchies will snuffle when they are playing, smelling, or even after a walk. This is the most common noise a French bulldog makes and is perfectly normal.

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