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Chocolate French Bulldog Puppies

Our beautiful Chocolate French Bulldogs feature many unique color varieties. Chocolates are also one of the only colorings to have stunning green and gold eye colors, which remain as adults. Since chocolate is recessive, it can only be achieved with both a mother and father that carry the coloring, making your puppy extremely rare! Purchase your purebred chocolate Frenchie today.

  • Complete DNA testing with the color department of canine DNA profiling is provided for guaranteed coloring and genetic makeup.
  • All puppies are eligible for full AKC registration, and a three generation pedigree chart is included with adoption.
  • Your puppy will receive a full veterinarian examination prior to delivery and one-year health guarantee from the date of sale against any illnesses diagnosed at time of delivery or genetic disorders.
  • All puppies are up to date on immunizations and preventive treatments for worms, fleas/ticks. A vaccine history is supplied to the new owner at time of sale.